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   Jiangsu women's volleyball team defeated Tianjin 3-2 in the National Championships, and the risk of winning the group stage for four consecutive victories basically secured the top spot. Although Jiangsu eventually won, the highly anticipated national player Gong Xiangyu performed poorly and made limited contributions to the team on the offensive end. As the number one supporter of the Chinese women's volleyball team, Gong Xiangyu's performance is obviously unsatisfactory, which has deepened everyone's concerns about the position of the national women's volleyball team.


   Jiangsu Women's Volleyball Team is a relatively complete team in this championship. After Tianjin's main setter Yao Di missed the battle due to injury, Jiangsu's paper strength is higher than Tianjin. Tianjin only has Li Yingying's offensive strength, while Jiangsu's offensive system is supported by the joint support of the two players Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu. However, in today's Tianjin-Soviet battle, the key points between the two teams were basically Li Yingying and Zhang Changning across the net. Gong Xiangyu's breakthrough on the right wing was more restricted.


   Gong Xiangyu was able to knock on the door of the national team in 2016, mainly because he showed a strong scoring ability in the league, and his deductions and blocks were relatively balanced and there were no obvious loopholes in the back row. With the increase of age and the changes in the needs of the national team, she never passed to the main pass in the team, and gradually developed towards a comprehensive response. With relatively comprehensive technology, Gong Xiangyu has secured the position of the main force of the Chinese women's volleyball team. Her first pass and defensive improvement were obvious, but she was criticized for her ups and downs on the offensive end.


   Gong Xiangyu's bounce and strength are the most prominent offensive in domestic response. However, in the confrontation with Tianjin, she was criticized again for inefficient spikes, and was repeatedly blocked when she faced off against Li Yingying, the national teammate. The gap between the net and the active blockade of Li Yingying at the net, and the lack of stability and rhythm of teammate Diao Linyu's passing, all made it more difficult for Gong Xiangyu to hit the ball.


   Gong Xiangyu's performance today is not ideal, his offense is limited, and his pass is not stable enough. Even though the two teams of Jin and Su have gone through five rounds of fierce battle, her state has not been fully mobilized, and the overall feeling is relatively dull, only the final game is considered to be a relatively normal level. In the second half of the fifth game, with Gong Xiangyu's rise, Jiangsu's situation was immediately improved, which also proved her importance as the second strongest point in the team.


   Affected by the new crown epidemic this year, the players have never had the opportunity to play. After seven months of training, it is not easy to find the game feeling quickly. Gong Xiangyu's performance in the first four games has been up and down, and he needs to adjust his state as soon as possible to better show the results of the training.


   The thickness of the lineup of the Chinese women's volleyball team has always been worrying. The veteran Zeng Chunlei is suffering from injuries, the main attacker Liu Yanhan's conversion is generally effective, and the newcomers such as Chen Peiyan are still embarrassed to use it. At least at this stage, no one in the country can surpass Gong Xiangyu in the position of reception. Regardless of her contribution to the first pass, defense and block, even the most criticized offense, players in the same position in the league can hardly surpass her in spiking success rate and efficiency.


   Since winning the Rio Olympics, Gong Xiangyu, who is undergoing technological transformation, has been under tremendous pressure. Everyone is accustomed to demanding her with high standards, whether it is offensive or in support. As the world's top volleyball team, the main offensive line of the Chinese women's volleyball team can be called luxurious, but the position is indeed not available. For the time being, there is no candidate who is more suitable for the national team's tactical system than Gong Xiangyu.


   The Chinese women's volleyball team aims to defend their title in the Tokyo Olympics, but the strong teams of Italy and Serbia are eyeing their eyes, and the women's volleyball girls dare not relax. Gong Xiangyu's ability is indeed far from the world's top-level contacts, and the lack of lethal offensive power of the right wing will also increase the pressure of the left wing's main attack. However, the current situation in the domestic reception position is such that Gong Xiangyu can only hope to make up for his technical shortcomings as much as possible and make greater contributions to the team. (Caucasus)

中国女排的目标是捍卫在东京奥运会上的冠军头衔,但是意大利和塞尔维亚的强队却盯着他们的眼睛,女排姑娘们也不敢放松。龚向宇的能力确实与世界顶级人士相距甚远,右翼的致命进攻能力不足也会增加左翼主力进攻的压力。但是,目前国内接待位置的情况使得龚向宇只能希望能够弥补自己的技术缺陷,为球队做出更大的贡献。 (高加索)

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