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欧冠足球娱乐-斯巴达勇士赛再临杭州 江南勇士泥泞困境中破茧而生

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October 17, Beijing time, 2020 Spartan Warriors


2020 is the fifth year that the Spartan Warriors has entered China. Since the first game in 2016, the Spartan Warriors has become a sport widely sought after by fashion sports and trend culture fans in China. In the past five years, Sparta has spread across many cities across the country, hosting more than 61 games in total, and both the number of participants and the radiation crowd have multiplied. The passionate and exciting obstacle challenges of the Spartan Warriors, the fun and fashionable interactive experience of the arena, and the spiritual connotation of breakthrough and enterprising, allow each participating warrior to continuously tap their potential and discover a better self. At the same time, the Spartan Warriors has become the best choice for fashion lovers to challenge their limits and pursue fashion trends.


Since the introduction of the Spartan Warriors to Hangzhou in 2018, it has been sought after by the warriors of Hangzhou and surrounding provinces and cities. The track and competition environment here also surprises the Warriors again and again. Since the order of obstacles in the Spartan Warriors is not fixed, every game can bring a new experience to the Warriors. "When I participated in the first year, the order of obstacles was different from today. The game is like this. Once the order of obstacles is disrupted, the experience is completely different. For example, sometimes the organizer will put several obstacles that require upper limb strength together to increase the difficulty, or deliberately place obstacles that require skill Behind the strength obstacles, it greatly increases the difficulty of playing skills." Zhang Ziyang from Hangzhou has participated in the competition for the third time in a row, and he will have new breakthroughs and insights every time. "Not only young people, everyone should have the courage to try, because that will let you know your own shortcomings, so that you can make continuous progress. In the Spartan arena, I must face the challenges that follow. In the process of continuous conquest, people will feel their own gradual strength. They have experienced countless ups and downs along the way, and rely on firm belief to reach the end. This is just like the journey of Sparta, only holding forever An unyielding attitude can reach the final destination. This is my life story and the attitude that Sparta taught me in life." Zhang Ziyang said.

自2018年将斯巴达勇士引入杭州以来,杭州及其周边省市的勇士一直在追捧它。这里的赛道和比赛环境也让勇士们一次又一次地感到惊讶。由于在“斯巴达勇士”中障碍的顺序不固定,因此每场比赛都可以为勇士带来新的体验。 “当我参加第一年时,障碍的顺序与今天不同。游戏是这样的。一旦障碍的顺序被破坏,体验就完全不同了。例如,组织者有时会设置一些障碍,这些障碍需要上肢力量在一起会增加难度,或故意将需要技巧的欧冠足球娱乐障碍欧冠足球娱乐物放在力量障碍物的后面,大大增加了演奏技巧的难度。”来自杭州的张紫阳连续第三次参加比赛,每次都将有新的突破和新见解。 “不仅年轻人,每个人都应该有勇气尝试,因为那会让您知道自己的缺点,以便您能够不断取得进步。在斯巴达舞台上,我必须面对随之而来的挑战。在不断的过程中征服后,人们会感觉到自己的渐进力量,一路上经历了无数起伏,并依靠坚定的信念达到了终点,就像斯巴达的旅程一样,只有永远保持坚定的态度才能达到最终目的地。这是我的生活故事,也是斯巴达在生活中教会我的态度。”张紫欧冠足球娱乐阳说。

In addition to the new experience of obstacles, the annual weather and track at Hangzhou Station also brought great challenges to the warriors. "I remember that the first year was the race in heavy rain. The muddy roads and slippery obstacles made it difficult. This year is also the case. Yesterday’s rain made us feel embarrassed. But we just like this sudden challenge and the sour and refreshing feeling.” said Liu Jie, who participated in the competition with Zhang Ziyang, the Spartan competition Just like life, "Where there are so many things according to plan, you will face unexpected situations every day, and the pleasure of overcoming these emergencies is something that a step-by-step life cannot experience."

除了障碍物的新体验外,杭州站的年度天气和赛道也给勇士们带来了巨大挑战。 “我记得第一年是大雨中的比赛。泥泞的道路和湿滑的障碍使比赛变得困难。今年也是如此。昨天的雨水使我们感到尴尬。但是我们就像这个突如其来的挑战和酸辣爽口一样感觉。”参加过与斯巴达人比赛的张紫阳比赛的刘洁说,“就像生活一样,”如果计划如此之多,您每天都会面对突发情况,克服这些紧急情况的乐趣是分步生活无法体验。”

On the Spartan stage, everyone has their own challenge goals. From physical fitness to inner breakthrough, although the content is different, in the end all will be rewarded in this journey. Huang Hua is such a representative. In the Hangzhou station competition, Huang Hua took the children to complete their Spa Reached the first show. "Sparta is a game, or it can be a family trip. While we enjoy different challenges in life, we also hope to see our children become brave and powerful in such an experience, so that he has grown up Knowing that honor does not rely on charity, it needs to rely on its own efforts to fight for. Sparta does not only belong to those with strong athletic ability, anyone can find challenging goals on this stage, and those who bravely overcome them, They should all be called Spartans!"

在斯巴达阶段,每个人都有自己的挑战目标。从身体适应到内在突破,尽管内容有所不同,但最终所有人都会在此旅途中有所收获。黄华就是这样的代表。在杭州站比赛中,黄华带孩子们完成了他们的水疗比赛第一场表演。 “斯巴达是一场比赛,或者它可能是一次家庭旅行。尽管我们在生活中面临着各种挑战,但我们也希望看到我们的孩子在这种经历中变得勇敢而强大,这样他才能长大。知道荣誉并不依赖在慈善事业上,它需要依靠自己的努力来争取;斯巴达不仅属于运动能力强的人,在这个阶段任何人都可以找到具有挑战性的目标,而那些勇于克服这些目标的人都应该被称为斯巴达人! ”

The rest of the 2020 Spartan Warriors tournament information has been announced: October 24-25, Beijing station (sports race, super race, children's race), November 7th Ningbo station (sports race, children's race) click on the link to participate in registration: http://spartan.zhibo.tv . For more information about the event, please visit the official website of Spartan Race China: www.spartanrace.cn, or follow the SpartanRace WeChat official account (SpartanRace/SpartanKidsRace) and Weibo (@SpartanRace).

2020年斯巴达勇士锦标赛的其余信息已经宣布: 10月24日至25日,北京站(体育比赛,超级比赛,儿童比赛),11月7日宁波站(体育比赛,儿童比赛)单击链接参加报名:http://spartan.zhibo.tv。有关活动的更多信息,请访问Spartan Race China的官方网站:www.spartanrace.cn,或关注SpartanRace微信官方帐户(SpartanRace / SpartanKidsRace)和微博(@SpartanRace)。

About Sparta:


The Spartan Warriors Tournament originated in 2005. It absorbed the traditional military subjects of the ancient Spartans. Today, the Spartan Warriors Tournament holds more than 200 events in more than 30 countries around the world each year, attracting more than 10 million participants. . Since the introduction of the Spartan Warriors to China in 2016, it has been widely used by sportsmen for its unique and extremely interesting obstacles and cross-country competition, a spiritual core full of self-challenge and transcendence, and the coexistence of mass entertainment and elite sports. Loved and sought after. In just five years, Spartan Warriors has grown into a well-known brand for outdoor sports and fashion lifestyle in China. From 2016 to 2019, the Spartan Warriors Tournament held 61 games in China, attracting nearly 300,000 people in total, and more than 1.5 billion online and offline spectators. They are trendy men who love sports and fitness. Female, also a young group fascinated by outdoor entertainment

Spartan Warriors Tournament起源于2005年。它吸收了古代Spartans的传统军事题材。今天,斯巴达勇士锦标赛每年在全球30多个国家/地区举行200多个赛事,吸引了超过1000万名参与者。 。自2016年将《斯巴达勇士》引入中国以来,由于其独特而有趣的障碍和越野比赛,充满自我挑战和超越精神的精神核心以及大众娱乐活动和娱乐活动的共存,它已被运动员广泛使用。精英运动。被爱和追捧。在短短五年内,斯巴达勇士队已发展成为中国户外运动和时尚生活方式的知名品牌。从2016年到2019年,斯巴达勇士锦标赛在中国举办了61场比赛,总共吸引了近30万人,线上和线下观众超过15亿。他们是热爱运动和健身的新潮男人。女性,也是一个年轻的团体,对户外娱乐着迷

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