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It was another German Super Cup decisive battle between Bayern and Dortmund. In the end, it was the new core Kimmich, who won a hard-won victory for Bayern. And Dortmund is very fierce in the counterattack situation, in addition to showing the strength of the championship, this also continues to sound the alarm for Bayern. But then Dortmund coach Favre replaced Harland, and Frick, who had always emphasized high pressure, also fought back defensively. In the end, Harland’s good game with one pass and one shot was turned into a sounding Bayern victory. The horn of attack.


Like Kovac who took over the national derby for the first time, the conservative tactics finally made the Hornet a hard-won draw. The newly promoted Triple Crown coach Frick also used a wonderful defensive counterattack to broaden his tactical thinking. I believe that in the case of relatively insufficient staffing, Frick can also find a tactical way to ease the physical consumption of the main players.


"We always fight for the cup championship. We lost the ball and were equalized by our opponents, but they did not separate us. We played our abilities." As Kimmich said, Favre did not take Bayern’s The three lines separated. Although Dortmund's two goals were brilliant and efficient before replacing Haaland, Favre, who did not control the midfield at the beginning, changed after Haaland. , It is even more lack of the ability to hold the ball in a high-pressure position, which ultimately led to the bitter fruit of Kimmich's goal and the Hornets losing the championship.

“我们总是为杯赛冠军而战。我们丢球并被对手追平,但他们并没有分开我们。我们发挥了自己的能力。”正如金米奇所说,法夫尔(Favre)没有将拜仁的三分线分开。尽管多特蒙德在取代哈兰德之前的两个目标是辉煌而高效的,但一开始并不控制中场的法夫尔在哈兰德之后改变了。 ,甚至缺乏将球保持在高压位置的能力,最终导致金米奇的进球和黄蜂队失去了冠军。

Dort: Counterattack leads the fine offense, Harland becomes the new offensive player


Due to the successive injuries of Sancho, Burki and Hazard, Favre can only use more young rookies like Rainier, Reina and Bellingham in substitutions.


In the 3-4-3 starting lineup, Favre continued to use the tactics of both possession and counterattack speed. Royce and Brandt, as the midfielders and breakthrough players, will help Harland to grab points as much as possible. Mainly, but the combination of Menier and Paslak’s wing-backs was more than enough in the offense, but failed to help Dort really open the ball-holding space. This is Favre’s counterattack-based tactics. The drawbacks.


It can be seen that when defending in the low post, Dortmund’s three central defenders are very susceptible to Bayern’s offensive end. At this time Dortmund’s three lines are compressed to be very flat, so after the wings retreat to the full-back position, it is Dreyer who fills the position. Ni.


Such a tactic will widen the defensive area of ​​the midfielder, but it will also bring about the lack of point-to-point defense. Especially Hummels, as the defensive core, will be directly attacked by Bayern with speed and eventually lead to a lack of front space. Bayern's standard plug-in attack has had a very obvious effect.


Comparing the shooting positions of the two sides, the blue Bayern are all concentrated in the top of the arc and the middle of the penalty area. The offensive pressure created by the Nantah King can be imagined, but this is also the result of Favre’s "fuelling", Delaney and Dahu Germany needs to supplement the running of the two wings, and Brandt and Royce's defensive positions are not retreated deep, which also leads to a lack of depth and space when defending in the low post.


Although Favre’s wing guards are formed by two wing guards, Meunier and Paslak are mainly attacking and flaring, and they are not adapted to the defensive mode in the low position. But it is undeniable that in the offensive and defensive transition link, the two wing guards are the starting point for Dott's speed-up attack.


In this attack, Paslak's position in the counterattack was very forward, which is also Favre's overall tactics. Paslak will contact Brandt when he counterattacks, and Harland’s job is to drastically suppress Jule and Lucas, so that Royce behind him can have plenty of shooting space.


With Dort pushing the tactical core from the midfield to the front line, Harland's tactical role has been strengthened, from a pure point-grabbing shooter to the core, which is a very surprising change.


Therefore, under the leadership of Harland, Dortmund made the two counterattacks into a boutique. Harland's pass helped the team score two consecutive goals, which completely pushed the game to a climax.


In the 39th minute, Bayern made a serious mistake in passing and receiving the ball in the backcourt, which directly caused Harland to pass a wonderful assist ball without a close guard. Facing Neuer, cloth Rand calmly helped Dort regain a city.


In the 54th minute, Dortmund made a steal in the frontcourt and Delaney quickly sent a through ball. Harland, who was in the front, played as a shooter and scored a single goal to help the team even after two goals were behind.


Although Favre focuses on defense, the highlight of his tactics is reflected on the offensive side. The counterattack-based tactics naturally bring the team's outstanding straight-line sprint.


With the advantage of straight running, Dortmund can directly push the offense to Bayern’s defensive hinterland. Under the framework of defensive counterattack tactics, Dortmund’s counterattack is better than the defense. I have to say that Favre is A very different coach.


Bayern: The offensive win has a head and tail, Frick counterattacks to break the face


In the middle of the game, Bayern caused Dortmund to get back two goals in succession due to his own pass and catch errors. However, the Southern Star still used paper and pressure to continue the perfect start with a difficult goal and successfully tied. The best record of five crowns in history, continue to sprint towards Barcelona's six crowns.


Despite the 1-4 defeat to Hoffenheim last weekend and the exhaustion of all staff, Flick still came up with the strongest lineup against Dortmund.


It is worth mentioning that Tolisso and Harvey Martinez’s double defensive midfielder played brilliantly, while Kimmich was pushed from the 6th position to the central midfielder and even the midfielder position. Muller once again served as the right winger. Lucas and Jule rented double central defenders, while Paval was physically exhausted and showed fatigue early.


Therefore, Flick added more elements of defensive counterattack, which is undoubtedly to ease the team's physical consumption, especially now that the first team lacks depth. This change can help the team reduce consumption in long-distance running.


The attacking method of the opening stage is to hope to open up the advantage as quickly as possible, and Bayern clearly did this.


Under the background of grabbing the opening, Kimmich was arranged to dispatch the attack at the front midfielder and was closer to Dortmund's goal. At the same time, in the overall pressure situation, the two-winged Coman and Mueller’s receiving position is very close to the opponent’s penalty area. This is Bayern’s standard configuration in the start-up game. The center forward and the winger are more closely connected. The pressure of the position helped the striker to run around the back line for a long time, and formed a no dead angle oppression on Dortmund's penalty area.


In the 18th minute, it was through a quick and stable counterattack that Tolisso's plug-in attack helped Bayern open the record. In this offense, Lewand’s pull side has become a change, and Muller’s second pass directly found the space after the offside, Bayern 1-0 Dortmund.


After Bayern scored a goal, Flick's changes were even more surprising. First of all, the rhythm has slowed down, and Kimmich's position is closer to the third midfielder, strengthening the midfielder's control and passing speed. It is different from the idea of ​​grabbing the start. At this time, Bayern is more using the sideways to open up space and provide assistance for the active midfield.


Before scoring the goal, the midfielder heavily pressured to help the winger continue to create pressure on Dort’s defender line. After gaining the advantage, the winger opened the space to press Dort’s wingback, forcing Delaney and Dahu. Della went to the wing to defend, creating an opportunity for the midfielder. The wing and the center have a good switch in the primary and secondary relationship. Frick's control of the game rhythm became the key to Bayern's final victory.


Although once lost the advantage of 2 goals, but after Harland was replaced by Rainier, Bayern regained the opportunity to press, which is exactly the painful price Favre paid for the conservative approach.


After Harland was replaced, Frick adjusted again to the winger to open up the space, and the midfielder suppressed the ball based on possession. At this time, Dortmund’s frontcourt is full of young and fast players. Bayern must have more possession of the ball in the midfield for stability. Toliso and Martinez take turns to retreat with Jule and Lucas to form three central defenders. Very good to help Bayern complete the ball.


In the end, Kimmich staggered to help the team score the lore, and Bayern successfully reaped the highest glory in the history of the five crowns.


Summary: Bumblebee conservatively swallows the bitter fruit, and the Southern Star is in urgent need of supplements


Because of his conservativeness, Dortmund missed the game. Perhaps Favre is to strengthen the team's counterattack speed to the greatest extent, while using the speed and technology of young players as much as possible to blast Bayern's back line. However, after replacing Haaland, there is no effective possession on the front line, and Dahoud's position is advanced but it is difficult to effectively sort the frontcourt.


Bayern won the championship, but the player's physical fitness is still a big problem. On the one hand, it is related to the large-scale running tactics, and on the other hand, it is also the result of the team's lack of signings. But fortunately, substitute players such as Martinez, Toliso and Richards managed to keep the team's victory to the end, and Bayern's young people may also get more opportunities in the future.


If the first team lineup is no longer supplemented, Flick can completely rotate in the relatively loose first half and use more young players. Not only can it alleviate physical problems, but it is the best temper for geniuses. Too much pressure to grab points.


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After a long season of competition, it is also a good way to adjust the physical fitness of the core players reasonably.


(Southern Star)


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