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Hello everyone, and welcome to the April 28th.


In the early morning of April 28, Beijing time, the Spanish club announced a specific salary reduction plan. If La Liga cannot be restarted due to the epidemic this season, the annual salary of all members of the first team will drop by 19%. If La Liga this season is finally successfully completed, the annual salary of all members of the first team will be reduced by 4%.


According to Sky Sports news, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the league has been suspended for more than a month. In order to allow players to re-adapt to the rhythm of the game in a safe and healthy manner, FIFA is considering an application to increase the number of substitutions to five. However, in order to avoid the rhythm of the game being interrupted by too many timeouts, substitutions are only allowed in three substitution opportunities.


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Sky Sports reported that FIFA is considering increasing the number of substitutions after the rematch. In order to allow players to adapt to the game, it may increase to five substitutions, but to avoid unnecessary timeouts, only three substitutions are still allowed.


In the early morning of April 28th, Beijing time, the Spanish club officially announced that if La Liga cannot be restarted this season due to the epidemic, the annual salary of all members of the first team will drop by 19%.


"The Mirror" quoted "The Athletic" as saying that several senior Barcelona players, including Messi, wanted Coutinho to stay in the team, and they would rather the club sell Dembele.


According to Ansa News Agency, relevant personnel of Serie A stated in an interview that Serie A should resume before June 14 at the latest this season. The club hopes to have 4 weeks for the players to recover.


According to the former Neymar agent Wagner Ribeiro, Bayern Munich also quoted Neymar in 2013, but in the end the Bavarian giant chose Gotze.

根据前内马尔经纪人瓦格纳·里贝罗(Wagner Ribeiro)的说法,拜仁慕尼黑在2013年还引用了内马尔,但最终这位巴伐利亚巨人选择了Gotze。

According to the "World Sports Daily", Barcelona wants to recover the transfer fee from Coutinho this summer, and Everton and Newcastle United, who are eager to improve their team's strength, are willing to pay high prices. Introduce the Brazilian star.


Transfer expert DiMazio revealed that Inter Milan is considering accepting Barcelona's request to take away Lauta Martinez in exchange for players.

转会专家迪马齐奥(DiMazio)透露,国际米兰正在考虑接受巴塞罗那提出的撤走劳塔·马丁内斯(Lauta Martinez)的要求,以换取球员。

According to reports from Sky Sports, the Premier League clubs will meet again on Friday local time to discuss matters related to the rematch.


The relevant person of the Chinese Football Association accepted an interview with the "Sports Today" reporter, stating that the professional league council will be launched by the end of this year at the latest. Due to the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic in the previous stage, the progress of this work had to be slowed down.


In order to prepare for the World Cup Finals in the Asian region, the Chinese National Men's Football Team will start a new training session in Shanghai after the May Day holiday. According to the "Information Times" report, Luo Guofu may be selected for this training session, while Cao Yunding and Wei Shihao are expected to return to the national football team.


Recently, Zhu Zhengrong accepted an interview with "Oriental Sports Daily". He expressed his hope that he would be selected for the national team.


"Oriental Sports Daily" stated that it is reported that in the earliest signed sponsorship agreement, Vantone stated that it would bring Tianhai no more than 250 million yuan in capital injection in a single season. However, the total annual salary of the single Tianhai first team has reached 240 million yuan, and the capital injection by Vantone is obviously not sufficient.


A few days ago, Ronaldinho, who was arrested and imprisoned for using a fake passport, is under house arrest in a hotel in Paraguay. In an interview with local media ABC Color, the Brazilian star confided his heart.

几天前,因使用假护照被捕并入狱的小罗正在巴拉圭的一家旅馆遭到软禁。在接受当地媒体ABC Color的采访时,这位巴西巨星倾诉了自己的心。

According to a report from "Sports New Horizons", former TEDA foreign aid Jovanovic said in an interview recently that he was playing in China at the time and he did not earn as much as the outside world said. He also suggested that young European players try not to play in Asia, because the football atmosphere there is not strong.


Recently, Szczesny accepted a podcast interview with his old club Arsenal. The Polish protagonist talked about the story of losing his main force by smoking in the locker room.


Former Real Madrid coach Capello said in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport that Real Madrid is the only La Liga club that will not be destroyed by the epidemic.


On Sunday, local time, Real Madrid forward Bale posted a "barb" performance at home on social media. This is very similar to his goal against Liverpool in the Champions League final two years ago. He hopes to raise money through this video. Donations help medical work.


Recently, Sun Xingmin’s flat-head shape during military training has been circulated on the Internet, and the question of whether his hairstyle is qualified has also aroused everyone’s discussion. However, the explanation given by the military is that as a supplementary soldier, there is no need to comply with the standards of active personnel. Shave your head.


Recently, the Korean news website KoreaBoo selected 7 Korean male stars with ugly beards. In this 7-man list, Tottenham forward Sun Xingmin is on the list.


This week, Barcelona announced that it would sell the naming rights of the Camp Nou stadium for the 2020-2021 season. The former world heavyweight champion Tyson’s business partner revealed that Tyson’s medicinal cannabis company SwissX plans to bid.


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