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As if the drama for the entire 2020 is not enough, on October 1, Beijing time, US President Trump and his wife Melania tested positive for the new crown, and global public opinion suddenly burst-you know, less than a week ago , The US media only released a blockbuster investigation report that Trump pays only $750 (about 5,100 yuan) a year in tax; and it is only two days after the first presidential debate between Trump and Biden that has become a global joke .


What is even more unexpected is that an NBA reporter went out of the circle because of the news that Trump was infected with the new crown virus. He is Shams Chalanya, the chief NBA reporter of The Athletic website.

更令人意外的是,由于特朗普被新冠状病毒感染的消息,一名NBA记者走出了圈子。他是The Athletic网站的首席NBA记者Shams Chalanya。

Netizens have different opinions on whether Charania's tweet is before the president. But at the beginning of the news of Trump’s infection, Charania’s Twitter did indeed become a major source of news. He wrote: “President Donald Trump and the first lady tested positive for the coronavirus. ."

对于Charania的推文是否在总统面前,网民有不同的看法。但是在特朗普被感染的新闻开始时,查拉尼亚的Twitter确实成了新闻的主要来源。他写道:“唐纳德·特朗普总统和第一夫人的冠状病毒检测呈阳性。 。”

The two tweets were sent in the same minute, but the exact number of seconds could not be confirmed. Only some screenshots of quick-handed people showed that Chalanya's tweet may be only a dozen seconds behind Trump. So everyone was amazed: How did this NBA reporter get the internal information of the White House?


Countless people are amazed by Charania’s fierce crossover, and some people say: "In the GOAT competition, Shams (Charania) officially surpassed


The NBA’s media ecosystem has long been active on Twitter. Although they also talk about politics from time to time (especially after the death of George Floyd), Charania was indeed the first to report breaking political news. NBA reporter who reports like sports news. Today, when sports and politics are increasingly intertwined, the business boundaries of sports reporters seem to be blurred.

NBA的媒体生态系统长期以来一直在Twitter上活跃。尽管他们不时谈论政治(尤其是在乔治·弗洛伊德(George Floyd)死后),但查拉尼亚确实是第一个报道重大政治新闻的人。像体育新闻一样报道的NBA记者。如今,当体育和政治日益交织在一起时,体育记者的业务界限似乎变得模糊。

But in fact, it is impossible for Chalanya to really master the White House News. The so-called "first explosion" is probably an exaggeration. Of course, his name will not be mentioned in the reports of major mainstream media. His "revelation" only proves that his hand speed is indeed different from ordinary people, and the most important trait of his success in the NBA media circle: boldness.


* * * *

* * * *

As one of the reporters with the most NBA tips, Chalanya's name has long been in circles. It is hard to imagine that he has only graduated from university for three years now.


His experience is as legendary as many NBA stars. He has fallen in love with basketball since junior high school, but limited by his talent, his dream of playing in the NBA was shattered in high school (it was cut by the school team).


He grew up in Illinois, and his high school was only 20 miles away from the Bulls' home United Center (which was many years after Jordan retired).


At that time, social networks were not popular. Chalanya's basketball news mainly relied on HoopsHype and RealGM. These two media were able to gain a foothold in the industry with their fast update speeds. Chalanya still remembers that he always did it again. Refresh the website all over, eager to see the news.

当时,社交网络并不流行。 Chalanya的篮球新闻主要依靠HoopsHype和RealGM。这两种媒体以其快速的更新速度能够在行业中立足。 Chalanya仍然记得他总是再做一次。刷新整个网站,渴望看到新闻。

In the third year of high school, Chalanya joined the school newspaper and was responsible for reporting sports news. But the sense of accomplishment of the school newspaper can't satisfy him at all. He wants to report on the professional league, and even wants to enter the professional circle. So he started to write a bull blog in a column under the Chicago Tribune, reporting daily news and post-match summary.

高中三年级时,Chalanya加入了学校报纸,负责报道体育新闻。但是学校报纸的成就感根本使他不满意。他想报告职业联赛,甚至想进入职业圈子。因此,他开始在芝加哥论坛报(Chicago Tribune)之下的一栏中写一个公牛博客,报道每日新闻和赛后摘要。

At the same time, he began to submit resumes to more professional basketball websites, including HoopsHype and RealGM, hoping to become a true content creator.


RealGM gave him a chance. With a professional title, he was very quick to get started with the wire report. In the 2011-12 season, he began to contact some of the role players of the Bulls. His first article published in RealGM was about defender Mike- James's.


And through contact with players, he got to know a group of agents, which is the main source of his revelations.


But at the very beginning, Charania could only explode some scraps. Whoever signed the new 10-day contract and who got the new non-guaranteed contract was not the type that attracted attention.


In 2012, Charania was admitted to Loyola University to study communication. At that time, his "side job" in the NBA had become so popular that he went to Chicago to interview Wade during the summer vacation of high school.


Charania hoped to get the opportunity to report with the team, but because he was not an adult, the Bulls refused his application for an interview permit. Not discouraged, he turned to Milwaukee to the north and found the Bucks.


After all, Milwaukee is a small ball market, and there is not so much multimedia attention. Seeing Charania, who is willing to work for free, the Bucks Public Relations Department approved his application, opening a new door to Charania’s career as a journalist. .

毕竟,密尔沃基是一个很小的市场,没有太多的多媒体关注。看到愿意免费工作的Charania,雄鹿公共关系部批准了他的申请,为Charania作为记者的职业打开了新的大门。 。

The first game that Charania reported with the license was the 2013 Bucks' playoff game against the defending champion Heat. It took him three hours to go back and forth. At that time, he didn't own a car. He borrowed his mother's old Toyota and had to pay for the gas.


That happened to be Brandon Jennings' last game with the Bucks, and he would love to do a post-game interview about him. But after the game, he did not find Jennings in the locker room, and he ran to the parking lot to block people. This is a very unprofessional behavior, but Jennings didn't mind. The two chatted for about three minutes, and Charania successfully wrote a report that was regarded as an "exclusive interview".

那恰好是布兰登·詹宁斯(Brandon Jennings)与雄鹿队的最后一场比赛,他很想对他进行赛后采访。但是比赛结束后,他没有在更衣室里找到詹宁斯,于是跑到停车场封锁人们。这是一种非常不专业的行为,但詹宁斯并不介意。两人聊天了大约三分钟,Charania成功撰写了一份报告,被视为“独家采访”。

Later that year, in the playoffs, he drove another three and a half hours to Indianapolis to report on the Pacers and the Knicks.


These time-consuming and time-consuming tasks conflicted greatly with his studies. In his junior year, during a 50-minute big class, the source suddenly called him and broke the news, and he walked out of the classroom to answer without thinking. After 20 minutes, he finished the phone call and was criticized by the professor when he returned to the classroom.

这些费时费力的任务与他的学业有很大的冲突。大三的时候,在一次50分钟的大课堂上,消息来源突然打电话给他,欧冠足球娱乐并宣布了这个消息,然后他走出教室,不加思索地回答。 20分钟后,他打完了电话,回到教室后遭到教授的批评。

But such busy and hard work has gradually turned his NBA sideline into his main business. In the 2013-14 season, when he was less than 20 years old, he broke the news-Lor Deng was traded to the Cavaliers by the Bulls.


Because of this revelation, Charania gained 4,000 fans in one night. And his activity in the NBA circle has attracted the attention of many senior reporters. At that time, the editor-in-chief of Sports Illustrated Paul Feichenbaum took the initiative to get to know him. Later Feichenbaum became the chief content officer of The Athletic and also Be regarded as paving the way for the future of Charania.

由于这一启示,Charania在一个晚上获得了4,000位粉丝。他在NBA圈子里的活动吸引了许多高级记者的注意。当时,《体育画报》的主编Paul Feichenbaum主动认识了他。后来,费兴鲍姆(Feichenbaum)成为The Athletic的首席内容官,也被视为为Charania的未来铺平道路。

And Adrian Wonaroski, who has always been the top card of Yahoo Sports, is naturally paying attention to him. In September 2015, Vonarowski announced that Chalanya had joined Yahoo in his iconic way of breaking the news, calling him "the best young basketball reporter in the world."

一直是雅虎体育的头号人物的阿德里安·沃纳罗斯基自然很在意他。 2015年9月,沃纳罗夫斯基(Vonarowski)宣布查拉尼亚(Chalanya)以标志性的最新消息加入雅虎,称他为“世界上最好的年轻篮球记者”。

Vonarowski formed a luxury journalist team at Yahoo. As a rising star, Chalanya had the best development opportunities at the most suitable time. Because of the support of teachers, his influence on social networks has grown geometrically.


He himself said: "If there is no Twitter, God knows what career I can have. It has become a tool I can use and has changed everything."





* * * *

* * * *

Since the prosperity of social media, the path of traditional media has become narrower and narrower. In the United States, the status of the media has also plummeted. From the gatekeeper and fourth authority of the "Watergate" era, it has been reduced to false information and propaganda in social media. Submerged and turned into "fake news" in the president's mouth.


Yahoo's brand, to some extent, represents the glorious era of portal news sites. Naturally the same is true for Wonarowski. His "woj bomb" is the transformation from serious news to traffic news, leading the change in the communication direction of the entire NBA.


But under the general trend, Yahoo's decline is irreversible. In 2017, Yahoo was acquired by communications giant Verizon. On July 1, the same day the NBA free market opened, Vonarowski announced that he would leave Yahoo to join ESPN, and took away most of his team.

但是在大趋势下,雅虎的下滑是不可逆转的。 2017年,雅虎被通信巨头Verizon收购。 7月1日,即NBA自由市场开放的同一天,沃纳诺夫斯基宣布他将离开雅虎加入ESPN,并夺走了他的大部分团队。

Not long after graduating from university, Chalanya was pushed to the top of Yahoo Sports. In the summer of 2017, he and Vonaroski staged a "dragon battle" broke the news, even more exciting than the free market itself. . Twitter set up a special topic for them to break the news, and the media scored them to see who scored more.

大学毕业后不久,Chalanya被推至Yahoo Sports的最高职位。 2017年夏天,他和Vonaroski举行了一场“龙之战”,这一消息比自由市场本身更令人兴奋。 。 Twitter为他们设置了一个特殊的话题来发布新闻,媒体对他们进行了评分,以查看谁获得了更高的评分。

At this point, Chalanya has finally become a major reporter on his own, and is also Master Vonaroski's main competitor.


In 2018, Chalanya’s contract with Yahoo expired. At that time, NBA circles ridiculed him as "the most important free man of the summer", but he did not stay, but joined to attract a large number of venture capital and payment models The Athletic, which has already achieved initial success, continues to fight Wonaroski.

Chalanya与Yahoo的合同于2018年到期。当时,NBA界嘲笑他是“夏季最重要的自由人”,但他没有留下,而是加入以吸引大量的风险投资和支付模式The Athletic(已取得初步成功)继续与Wonaroski打架。

On the other hand, his master, because of the aura of the ESPN media giant, his revelations are somewhat restricted. The most obvious example is that in order to ensure the viewing effect, the NBA and ESPN did not allow Vonarowski to reveal the team's choice in advance on draft day. In fact, it made netizens less fun. As for the leading star of the league's big gold master, it is even more unlikely that Vonarowski will be black if he wants to be black as before.


But Charania is undoubtedly taking the path Vonaroski has traveled to the end. The Athletic really encourages this approach, which can be seen from the constant hype of Durant and the Warriors at its Bay Area last year.


This time Charania issued a revelation about Trump. Tim Kawakami, editor-in-chief of The Athletic Bay Branch, also added fuel to him, saying that the White House should check who leaked the secrets. When Durant tore his Achilles tendon last year, Kawakami was besieged by angry fans, but the memory of the Internet was too short.


Although Chalanya broke the news and gained popularity quickly, his accuracy cannot be compared with several ESPN ace reporters. For example, when the Lakers had internal problems last year, Charania took the lead in exploding that Walton had a conflict with a number of Lakers veterans in the locker room, but then ESPN's revelations were basically the opposite, but the content and logic were more credible.

尽管Chalanya爆料并迅速流行,但他的准确性无法与几位ESPN ace记者相提并论。例如,去年湖人遇到内部问题时,查拉尼亚率先爆炸,沃尔顿与更衣室中的许多湖人退伍军人发生冲突,但是ESPN的启示基本上是相反的,但内容和逻辑更多可信的。

In any case, Charania's tweet that broke the news that Trump was infected with the new crown on October 1, local time in the United States received nearly 50,000 reposts and 90,000 likes in less than 10 hours. As an account with 850,000 fans, it is already scary to be able to generate such traffic.


In contrast, the last tweet with such traffic by Wonarrowski, who has more than 4.1 million fans, was when he first blew Doug Rivers out of class (reposted 43,000 times, liked 105,000 times).

相比之下,Wonarrowski拥有410万名粉丝的最后一则推文是他第一次将Doug Rivers淘汰出课堂(重新发布了43,000次,喜欢105,000次)。


"Wo Shen" is more old school, and is unwilling to use his influence to wade through the muddy waters


The 51-year-old "Wo Shen" rarely uses his account to wander in political muddy waters. His most naughty fake revelations are nothing more than content such as "Emergency: Merry Christmas to everyone". (

这位51岁的“窝神”很少使用自己的帐户在政治泥泞的水域中徘徊。他最顽皮的虚假启示无非是诸如“紧急情况:祝大家圣诞快乐”之类的内容。 (

But in the current era, the NBA has already had superstars devoted to politics, and it is inevitable that the media will be affected. Vonarowski, who once represented avant-garde and sharp, seems to have become a conservative traditionalist, more than a brave young man.


The big news about the President’s virus infection has created a social network traffic spree. Too many people like Chalanya want to grab a piece of it and enjoy the "big V" virus transmission effect. Right or wrong seems to be no longer so important. Up.




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