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The Liaoning Football League, which is on the verge of dissolution, finally has its place. According to authoritative media reports, former Liaoning football star and Shenyang City Club investor Zhuang Yi promised that once Liaoning Hongyun loses the qualification of the Chinese League, Shenyang City will accept all Liaoning Hongyun players and echelons. It means that although the club is disbanded, the blood of Liaozu is still preserved. At the end of last year, Song Kai, director of the Liaoning Sports Bureau, and others shouted the "New Liaoning Football" slogan. After the integration of the two teams, the club will be awarded the "New Liaoning Football" banner. As soon as this "new Liaozu" slogan was shouted, it also announced the end of the 67-year glorious history of the Liaozu club, which is unavoidable. To get a new life, "Xin Liao Zu" must examine the past and eradicate chronic diseases in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes.


In the CBA back then, there was a saying that "no Liao can make an army", which is enough to see the strong strength of Liaoning basketball talents. In fact, this sentence is also valid in the football world and even the entire Chinese sports world. Liaoning Football Team was founded in 1953. From the first veterans such as Sun Lianzhang and Gai Zengsheng to later Zheng Zhi and Feng Xiaoting, Liaoning football talents rarely missed the game. In the great achievements of Dalian Wanda (Shide), Shandong Luneng, and Guangzhou Evergrande, the Liaoning players have all made great achievements. Nowadays, Liaoning nationality players account for 1/4 of the total number of domestic players.


However, after the opening of the professional league, Liaoning Football Club did not give full play to its strong talent advantage. There were several ups and downs in the league, and finally the club was disbanded. Analyzing the reasons, the decline of Liaoning Football Club was due to the inability to keep up with the pace of professionalism and the inefficient and backward club management. In fact, before the opening of the professional league, the Liaoning team was regarded as a professional leader. As early as 1984, the Liaoning team and the Shenyang Northeast Pharmaceutical Factory were co-organized, and Shenyang Dongyao sponsored and Liaoning could participate in the name of the "Liaoning Dongyao" team. Various domestic competitions.


After Liaoning Football Club won the league championship again in 1988, the team was formally reorganized into Dongyao Enterprise Group Football Club, which implemented semi-professional management and introduced some more advanced management systems. The morale of the players was even higher, and the team won the Asian Club Cup in 1990. The championship laid a solid foundation. However, during the reform of professionalism, Liaoning Football Club failed to continue to play the role of professional "tide-makers", and instead was overwhelmed by the trend of the times. After the Hongshankou meeting, the teams looked for gold masters. As the domestic hegemon, Liaozu attracted the attention of many investors, but the club failed to handle the relationship with investors, which caused a series of turmoil.


As the original partner, Dongyao Group will naturally not give up the golden sign of Liaozu. They offered a sky-high price of 3 million at that time and planned to form a new professional club with the Liaoning Provincial Sports Commission. However, Far East Group also focused on Liaozu. The boss Zhao Junhua is a fan and has sponsored the team many times before. In the Seventh National Games in 1993, the word "Far East" was printed on the Liao football shirt, which caused dissatisfaction with the Dongyao Group, which caused a huge rift between the two sides. Subsequently, Far East Group shouted out a purchase price of 3.8 million yuan, which directly prompted Liaozu to end its 10-year cooperation with Dongyao Group.


However, just as the Far East Group was about to complete the acquisition, Hainan New World Group entered the competition again. They offered a price of 4 million yuan and were preparing to sign a 40-year contract with Liaozu, and drove the Far East Group out of the negotiation table. . However, the purpose of New World Group is to build Liaozu into a real professional club and use a modern enterprise model to manage the team. In the specific operation, it was resisted by the players.

然而,就在远东集团即将完成收购之际,海南新世界集团再次参加竞争。他们出价400万元,正准备与辽足签订40年的合同,并将远东集团赶出谈判桌。 。但是,新世界集团的目的是将辽足打造成为真正的职业俱乐部,并使用现代企业模型来管理团队。在特定的操作中,它被玩家抵抗。

When preparing for the Asian Club Cup final in Guangzhou, the players scraped off the "New World" printed on their jerseys with blades, and declared that they refused to formally sign with New World, refused to participate in the Asian Club Cup under the name of "New World", and refused to The name "New World" is registered with the Football Association. The Liaoning players also received the "big brand, big appetite, and temper" evaluation. The New World Group had originally prepared a bonus of 1 million for the players, and angrily, they sponsored all the money to the Shenyang Municipal Government to set off fireworks.


Maybe New World Group did not know that before them, Wanda Group had tried to acquire Liaozu but failed, otherwise they would probably reconsider their investment. The conditions for Wanda Group's acquisition of Liaozu are similar to those of New World. It is also to form a real professional club. Players and coaches must be decoupled from the Provincial Sports Commission, and the personnel relationship will be merged into Wanda Group. In other words, after the completion of the acquisition, the players and coaches lost their identities within the system. In most parts of the country at that time, it took some courage to make this decision, but Liaozu Shangxia did not have such courage, but achieved success. The later glory of the Dalian team.


Faced with the resistance of the players, New World had no choice but to withdraw. The Far East Group completed the acquisition as it wished, but the turmoil did not calm down, but intensified. In 1994, on the eve of the official start of the professional league, the AFC suspected that the Liaoning Football Club played counterfeit matches in the Asian Club Cup and the Thai King Cup, and was investigated by the AFC. In the ninth round, Liaoning played against Bayi at home and returned to China from Japan's Otsuka Pharmaceutical Tang Yaodong of the team was dissatisfied with the referee’s penalty and directly acted on the referee, and was severely punished by the Football Association for a year’s suspension. In the 19th round, Jiang Feng was a target for deliberately stepping on Wu Chengying and the Football Association also banned him from participating in all the remaining games of the year . It was also that year that Dalian Wanda took over from Liaoning Football League and became the overlord of the A League.

面对球员们的抵抗,新世界别无选择,只能退出。远东集团如愿完成了收购,但动荡并未平息,反而愈演愈烈。 1994年,在职业联赛正式开始的前夕,亚足联怀疑辽宁足球俱乐部在亚洲俱乐部杯和泰国国王杯中打假球,并受到亚足联的调查。在第九轮比赛中,辽宁队主场对阵八一队,并从日本大冢制药公司的唐尧东返回中国。他对裁判员的判罚不满意,直接对裁判员采取了行动,并受到了足协的严重处罚,停赛一年。在第19轮中,江枫是故意踩踏吴承英的目标,而且足协还禁止他参加一年中所有剩余的比赛。也是在这一年,大连万达从辽宁足球甲级联赛接手,成为甲级联赛的霸主。

After a year of tossing, Liaozu has become a mess. In 1995, the opening of the first transfer market accelerated the decline of Liaozu. Li Bing became the first "standard king" with a price of 640,000 yuan and joined Guangdong Hongyuan; Ma Lin and Sun Wei returned to Dalian Wanda; Tang Yaodong, who was suspended, also announced his retirement that year. The transfer of many players allowed Liaozu to get the highest transfer fee in China, but the team did not use the money to reinforce its strength, causing the team's record to plummet.

经过一年的折腾,辽足已一团糟。 1995年,第一个转移市场的开放加速了辽足的衰落。李冰以64万元的价格成为第一位“标王”,并加入了广东宏远。马琳和孙伟回到大连万达。被吊销的唐尧东也于同年宣布退休。众多球员的转会使辽足获得了中国最高的转会费,但球队没有用这笔钱来增强实力,这导致球队的战绩直线下降。

The Far East Group was also in desperation at this time. The players fell out with the club due to the bonus issue. They re-acted the drama against the New World Group, which eventually led to the withdrawal of the Far East Group, which also opened up the endless future. The prelude to the salary issue. Although in that season, the team beat Dalian Wanda 4-2, but the 0-6 defeat to Guangzhou Helios and the 4-ball reversal of the Football Association Cup by Jinan Taishan and other distressing results showed that the past glory has completely passed away. Time.


On November 12, 1995, in the second round of the A League, the Liaoning team played against Guangzhou Helios at the Wulihe Stadium. If Liaoning loses, then this former ten champion team will fall into A B. The head coach of the Guangzhou Helios team was Zhang Jingtian, a famous Liao football player. In the 85th minute, the Liaoning team took a 1-0 lead. Zhang Jingtian waved the flag and replaced the core Hu Zhijun and Peng Weiguo with Feng Feng and Lu Jianjun. . However, it may be that Zhang Jingtian couldn't hold his face to directly explain the purpose. The two newly played Maotou boys each scored a goal to make the Liaoning team relegated early.

1995年11月12日,在甲A联赛第二轮比赛中,辽宁队在五里河体育场与广州太阳神对阵。如果辽宁输了,那么这前十支冠军球队将跌入AB。广州太阳神队的主教练是著名的辽宁足球运动员张敬天。在第85分钟,辽宁队取得1-0的领先优势。张敬天挥舞旗帜,用冯峰和陆建军代替了核心胡志军和彭卫国。 。但是,可能张敬天不能张着脸直接解释其目的。两个刚开始比赛的毛头男生各进球,使辽宁队提前降级。

A rare scene appeared at the press conference after the game. As the opponent coach, Zhang Jingtian was very angry at Liaoning Football’s loss: “Liaoning football is downgraded and Cui Dalin should bear the main responsibility! Cui Dalin, how did you make Liaoning football like this?” Cui Dalin, then director of the Liaoning Provincial Sports Commission, faced The media left a sentence of Chairman Mao's words: "Flower fall has its own blooming day, and it will save for the next year!" That night, CCTV News Network reported on the downgrade of Liaozu Football Club. This was the only time that the news network has been downgraded since its inception. Report.


After learning from the pain, Liaozu started further reforms. At the end of 1995, Zhang Tongpo and Li Yingfa took the lead, and six shareholders including Beijing Huatang Real Estate, Northern Airlines, Dalian Development Zone and CCTV International jointly invested a total of 30 million yuan to convert the club to a shareholding system. Zhang Tongpo served as the general manager and moved to Shanghai Hangxing. The group's title sponsorship of 4 million. This is also the first club in China to complete the shareholding system reform, and Liaoning Football Club has once again become the pioneer of reform.

从痛苦中吸取教训后,辽祖开始了进一步的改革。 1995年底,张同坡,李英发带队,北京华塘置业,北方航空,大连开发区,央视国际等六家股东共同出资3000万元,将俱乐部转制为股份制。张同坡任总经理,并搬到上海航兴。该集团的冠名赞助达400万。这也是中国第一家完成股份制改革的俱乐部,辽宁足球俱乐部再次成为改革的先驱。

However, this reform is still incomplete. At the operational level, it is difficult for the club to achieve a true shareholding system.


As for the later events, there is no need to elaborate too much, because the ups and downs of Liaozu over the years are very similar to their experience in the early stages of professionalization. It is nothing more than repeating the story of the year. In 1998, Zhang Yin led the "Liao Xiaohu" all the way through to get the team back to Class A, and almost realized the Kaiserslautern myth the following year. In early 2000, he won the only championship trophy since the professional league-Super Cup. champion.

至于以后的事件,则无需过多地阐述,因为辽足多年来的兴衰与他们在专业化初期的经历非常相似。无非是重复一年的故事。 1998年,张音带领“廖小虎”一路过关斩将,让车队重返A级,第二年几乎实现了凯泽斯劳滕的神话。 2000年初,他获得了职业联赛超级杯以来唯一的冠军奖杯。冠军。

But during this period, the undercurrent within the team has not stopped. After the team won the runner-up in 1999, the Fushun Municipal Government held a celebration party, but Zhang Yuning and his parents proposed a transfer on the spot; before heading to Haigeng for physical examination, the team members were privately prepared to engage in affairs due to the problem of arrears of bonuses. Although these two things ended in a peaceful resolution, Qu Leheng, who became famous in the Super Cup, suffered a car accident and turned against Zhang Yuning, making all kinds of troubles in the team completely public.


After that, Qu Shengqing, Zhang Yuning, Xiao Zhanbo, Li Jinyu, Li Tie, Wang Liang and other main players successively sought another career. The meritorious captain Zhao Junzhe also almost joined Luneng and Li Jinyu. It was only because of the wonderful policy of the Football Association that Zhao Junzhe, who called "our team" to the Shandong reporter, stayed in Liaoning. Selling so many outstanding players, the team's life has not been easy, even once the home court was in Beijing. After several years of clenching his teeth, Liaozu was downgraded again in 2008.


Although Liaozu subsequently returned to the Super League, and won the third place in the United States won the qualification for the AFC Champions League. But as before, the outstanding results are only a flash in the pan. Problems such as the departure of the main players and the lack of wages from the club continue to play out. The team was relegated again in the 2017 season. After that, not only did it not have the ambition to return to the Super League, it also fell all the way to the edge of relegation. The team disbanded.


The repeated history began in the early 1990s, when our country had just established a market economic system. The problems that occurred at that time in Liaoning Football Stadium have been delayed until now and have not been resolved. For more than 20 years, these problems have made Liaozu exhausted physically and mentally. The ability to achieve short-term results depends on the deep youth training foundation and the relatively average level of foreign aid. When the intensity of investment rose and the strength of foreign aid continued to increase, Liaozu's foundation for standing on his feet no longer existed.

重复的历史始于1990年代初,当时我国刚刚建立了市场经济体制。当时辽宁足球场发生的问题被推迟到现在,尚未解决。 20多年来,这些问题使辽足在身心上筋疲力尽。取得短期成果的能力取决于深厚的青年培训基础和相对平均的外援水平。当投资强度增加而外国援助的强度继续增加时,辽足站起来的基础就不复存在了。

It is a blessing for Liaoning football to be able to retain the blood of Liaoning. But whether the team can really change their way of life and live a "new football", the key is to make drastic reforms as soon as possible. In the early days of the professional league, the professional reform of Liaoning Football League has been at the forefront of the domestic teams, but once the reform enters the "deep water zone", it will encounter various resistances. Even if China's professional leagues are not very professional, Liaoning Football has always had difficulty keeping up with the rhythm. This is a manifestation of the chaotic structure of equity and management rights. In fact, it is not difficult to solve this problem. As long as the parties concerned set their own positions, let the clubs operate according to the normal mode, as long as the relevant parties set their positions, let the clubs operate according to the normal mode, otherwise, "Xinliaozu" will be empty talk. .

能够保留辽宁的鲜血是辽宁足球的福气。但是球队能否真正改变生活方式,过上“新足球”,关键是尽快进行彻底的改革。职业联赛成立之初,辽宁足球联赛的职业改革一直处于国内队的前列,但是一旦改革进入“深水区”,就会遇到种种阻力。即使中国的职业联赛不是很专业,辽宁足球也始终难以跟上节奏。这是股权和管理权混乱结构的体现。实际上,解决这个问题并不难。只要有关各方设置自己的立场,让俱乐部按正常模式运作,只要有关各方设置自己的立场,让俱乐部按正常模式运作,否则,“新聊祖”将是空话。 。

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