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On September 14, the National Youth Campus Football Work Leading Group Office (referred to as the National School Football Office) issued the "3-6 Years Old Children's Negative List of Football Activities", proposing 8 prohibitive regulations on football activities for children aged 3 to 6.

9月14日,国家青少年校园足球工作领导小组办公室(以下简称“国家学校足球办公室”)发布了“ 3-6岁儿童足球活动负面清单”,提出了8项禁止3岁儿童足球活动的规定至6。

The nature of children and adolescents is to be active and curious. They love to play whatever they see. In order to promote children's football, Mr. Zhang Lu proposed the strategy of "Blind Playing in Small Fields", which is aimed at children aged 6-12 years old, without professional teachers and coaches. A large field, but a five-on-five small field (a standard basketball court can be divided into three fields with an activity fence, and a football field can be divided into a dozen small fields), twice a week, 40 minutes each time, and no points are counted. Ranking. This is contrary to the ideas of parents who value achievements and honor in the past. But in this way, it is easier to cultivate children's interest and hobby for football, and expand the scope of football selection on the basis. In addition, if parents train their children in sports for the sake of ranking scores, it is easy to cause pressure to the children and make them hate football when they grow up, and the children may be competitive because they are competitive and will not be able to control and protect. I am prone to sports injuries.


In the field of football, whether it is "Messi doesn't work hard" or "C Ronaldo has no talent" is a joke. Any professional football player has a certain talent behind it. Hard work may determine the upper limit, but without talent, it does not matter. The stupid bird flies first. At that time, it was not only Sun Xingmin and his elder brother who accepted the devil training of his father with Sun Xingmin, and only Sun Xingmin, who was more talented, was out of the two. "It's okay to practice at the age of 12 if you have talent, and you can't practice at the age of 3 if you don't have the talent. And if you practice early, it might destroy your talent." Zhang Lu said frankly.

在足球领域,无论是“梅西不努力”还是“罗纳尔多没有才华”都是开玩欧冠足彩网投笑。任何职业足球运动员都具有一定的才能。努力工作可以确定上限,但是没有才干就没有关系。笨鸟先飞。那时,不仅是孙兴民和他的哥哥接受了孙兴民对他父亲的恶魔训练,而且只有才华横溢的孙兴民才从这两个人中脱颖而出。 “如果有才华,在12岁时就可以练习,如果没有才华,则在3岁时就不能练习。如果您提早练习,则可能会破坏您的才华。”张露坦率地说。

Luneng Youth Training is the earliest professional football youth training in China. When it first started, it was like other youth training institutions in confusion as to when to strengthen the physical and strength training of young players. Thanks to Luneng’s tradition of hiring head coaches from developed countries in Western football, the guidance of professional foreign head coaches, and years of deep training in youth training, Luneng youth training has formed a set of talent selection and training content that conforms to the laws of adolescent physical development. Starting from the age of 8 for enrollment, players aged 8-10 mainly focus on cultivating the sense of the ball, and can do some running and jumping training appropriately to enhance the coordination of movements of young players. Players aged 11-13 can do some self-weight training and do some exercises with appropriate amount of exercise under the supervision of the coach, such as sprint running, variable speed running, changing direction running, vertical jumping and other training. The age of 14-16 is a sensitive period for players’ strength development. At this stage, the most important thing is self-weight training. Starting from this age, players should gradually learn most of the weight training movements. The most important leg strength and core strength of football players are many. Arrange some exercises, such as common barbell squats, high flips, weight jumps, lunges squats, etc., but the amount of exercise is still not the same as that of adults and does not pursue absolute strength.

鲁能青年训练是中国最早的职业足球青年训练。刚开始时,就像其他青年训练机构一样,对于何时加强青年运动员的体能和力量训练感到困惑。得益于鲁能公司从西方国家聘请发达国家的主教练的传统,外国专业主教练的指导以及对青年培训的多年深入培训,鲁能青年培训形成了一套符合法律的人才选拔和培训内容青少年身体发育。从8岁开始报名,8-10岁的球员主要致力于培养球感,并且可以适当地进行一些跑步和跳跃训练,以增强年轻球员的动作协调性。 11-13岁的运动员可以进行一些自重训练,欧冠足球娱乐并在教练的指导下进行适当的运动,例如短跑,变速运动,变向跑步,垂直跳跃和其他训练。 14-16岁是玩家力量发展的敏感时期。在这一阶段,最重要的是自重训练。从这个年龄开始,玩家应该逐渐学习大部分的举重运动。足球运动员最重要的腿部力量和核心力量很多。安排一些运动,例如普通的杠铃蹲,高仰卧起坐,举重跳跃,弓步蹲等,但运动量仍与成年人不同,不能追求绝对的力量。

Regarding this negative list, Zhang Lu also said that the official list is very necessary, reasonable and timely. This list is to tell kindergartens and parents what not to do. This is a responsible attitude towards children’s football.


Wang Dengfeng, director of the National School Football Office and director of the Sports, Health and Arts Department of the Ministry of Education, also talked about infant football a few days ago. He said: “Kindergarten is the most important starting point for a person’s growth. What you learn in it are the very common, very basic but very important things in life. No matter what stage of life is developed, the basic rules and basic rules of life , Even some basic skills are closely related to childhood education."


The cultivation of good seedlings of Chinese football cannot be promoted, let alone quick success. Instead, scientific and professional methods must be used to popularize football and training, so that it is possible to find China's own Sun Xingmin among tens of thousands of young players.


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