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First of all, it must be clear that this season's Real Sociedad is by no means a good crop. In the 15 games since December 20 last year, the team won 12 of them, including a 4-3 defeat of Real Madrid. Before the start of the game, Real Sociedad had completed six consecutive victories in all competitions and was in excellent condition. In all the games this season, Real Sociedad failed to score in only 3 games. It can be said that Barcelona can use the strength of the home court to win the opponent 1-0 in the unstable situation of the team, which is already a success.


However, Barcelona was relatively embarrassed during the game. In the face of the young and powerful lineup of Real Sociedad, Setien arranged for the team to take the initiative to speed up and hedge against it. It is quite risky. This is also the team's possession rate in this field. Only 48% of the reasons. It is a good attempt to give up possession of the ball and increase the speed of advancement. It is a pity that there are 5 veterans in this set who are in their 30s. It is difficult to afford this level of running momentum, which makes the game seem thrilling.


After the opening, Barcelona did not use the 433 formation step by step, but advanced Rakitic's position. Busquets and De Jong were separated on both sides, and the midfielder formed a positive triangle position.


The goal is to rely on Rakitic's mobility to allow the team to form a partial number advantage in high positions and vertical advances. Especially in terms of promotion, Rakitic is a player who is willing to run and knows how to run. His vertical movement on the court can provide teammates with high-quality passing options.


In the picture, the Croatian received the through ball from Ter Stegen and returned the ball directly to Pique. Then he went forward without stopping, while the defender was not paying attention, quietly throwing away him and receiving Pique's pass. . At this time, Barcelona has completed the backcourt advancement. If the Croatian scored the ball without making a mistake and let Semedo get the ball, Barcelona entered the offensive phase. Rakitic is doing all the work of breaking the press, advancing vertically, and organizing the sides.

在图片中,克罗地亚人从特尔·斯特根(Ter Stegen)那里获得通球,并将球直接返回皮克(Pique)。然后,他不停地向前走,而后卫没有引起注意,就悄悄地抛弃了他,并获得了皮克的通行证。 。此时,巴塞罗那已经完成了后场进攻。如果克罗地亚人在没有犯错的情况下得分,并且让Semedo拿到球,那么巴塞罗那进入进攻阶段。拉基蒂奇(Rakitic)正在做所有打破新闻界,垂直推进和组织方面的工作。

Let's talk about pressing, after the opening, the team's formation is closer to 4231. Griezmann and Brethwaite are separated on the two wings, Messi is in the center, to ensure that Barcelona have 4 people in the front court to participate in the high position, plus Busquets top support, Barcelona will be forced to the strong side on the right.


In the picture, Braithwaite closed in from the left to help his teammates form a strong side on the right, especially the opponent's midfielder Merino. When the ball entered the court, he was in a 1v2 position and defended his Lackey. Tic and Griezmann, who prevented him from passing back the full-back, have Barcelona players on the route he can see.


Barcelona's right-leaning press has a good effect, especially with the courageous and heartier Semedo in the backcourt. Barcelona has achieved very high steal data in this field. Only three people on the left completed 11 steals.


Semedo is a full-back who loves to play. His steal level is not bad, but there are also times when he is embarrassed. As shown in the picture, this steal is a high level performance. It should be noted that when Semedone received the help of Busquets from the center, Griezmann had to return to the defense to take over the defense of the full-back. This formation made the French sacrifice a lot, 5 steals in a single game. It is the best in the audience.


Barcelona’s attack in the first half relied on this kind of steals from the middle circle. After getting the ball, they looked for Messi as soon as possible. The speed of Breiswaite is the key to the team’s final stage of advancement. Messi is the Danish. Create one-on-one opportunities. This is one of Barcelona's offensive strategies in this field. Each time Brethwaite starts an impact, he causes a lot of trouble to his opponents, but the goal shows the gap, and this price cannot be demanded too much.

巴塞罗那上半场的进攻依靠的是来自中圈的抢断。拿到球后,他们尽快寻找梅西。 Breiswaite的速度是球队进入最后阶段的关键。梅西是丹麦人。创造一对一的机会。这是巴塞罗那在该领域的进攻策略之一。每次Brethwaite开始冲击时,他都会给对手造成很多麻烦,但是目标显示出差距,并且这个价格不能要求太多。

The ball comes from Rakitic's steal, the same routine, but the difference is that Brethwaite is diagonally inserted in the middle this time. However, it also exposed the problem of the routine. Blaiswaite is very fast, but no teammates can keep up. This makes the pressure on the defensive side a lot less. It is better for the players to fight alone than the offensive side. .

球同样来自拉基蒂奇的抢断,但这次不同的是,布雷斯韦特这次斜插在中路。但是,这也暴露了例程的问题。 Blaiswaite的速度非常快,但没有队欧冠足彩网投友可以跟上。这使得防御方面的压力要小得多。与进攻方相比,让球员独自作战更好。 。

Facing Barcelona, ​​the Real Sociedad is fully prepared. Although the team's starting formation is 4231, this is not used at all in the defensive phase. In the defense of Real Sociedad, most situations switch back and forth between 442 and 433. The 433 formation was adopted in the high position to restrict Barcelona midfielder receiving the ball. After entering the low defense, the 442 formation was the main one. The defense against Barcelona was quite uncomfortable.


The biggest advantage of the 442 formation is space compression, shorter distance between players, and faster mutual support and protection. Like this time in the picture, Barcelona conducted back and forth on the left, and they didn't find effective passing space. In the end, Messi still needed to break the game. But the Argentine has no way to face two defensive players.


The other is the retention of the 442 formation in the local number. No matter how ghostly the opponent moves in the regional defense, there are 4 people on the left of Real Sociedad who are in an effective defensive position. In the picture, Alba and De Jong ran back and forth, and the final result was that Messi was left alone and helpless for a while, and there was no other way but to survive on his own.


In addition, Real Sociedad has consciously placed the defensive focus on the midfield in this game, and it has precisely pinched the lifeline of Barcelona to organize the offense. There is no way, the only team that can organize an offense from the ribs Artur is also injured, the Red and Blues The first team is just a few people, and everything that should be studied thoroughly.


If it was Suarez who was still on the court, Messi had to force him to hit the mid lane because someone gave him space, but the teammate in the picture is Rakitic. The Croatian subconsciously responds to Messi to hit the wall, rather than cut off the ball to bring the Argentine into the route, which makes Messi's dribbling mistakes will be destroyed by the opponent.


In the picture, when Messie took the ball, the space between Real Sociedad’s full-back and midfielder was already very small. You must know that Semedo on the right has already been inserted and Griezmann is also in ambush, but none of these Affect the movement of the entire line of defense of the Royal Society. The coach's defensive thinking is very resolute. You can run on both wings, leaving no space in the middle. It is the same as their thinking of defending Messi's free kick, and the strange knowledge has grown.


25 minutes before the second half, the situation of the two teams in the first half continued. Real Sociedad controlled the game and rushed for a few times. Barcelona regained control of the situation and continued to organize the attack. The only difference is that Real Sociedad switched the defensive formation to the inverted triangle 442 formation, especially when the high position is pressed, the team's younger midfield combination sticks to the Barcelona 3 midfielder like a brown sugar.

下半场之前25分钟,上半场的两支球队的情况仍在继续。皇家社会队控制了比赛,并冲了几次。巴塞罗那重新控制了局势,并继续组织袭击。唯一的区别是皇家社会将防守阵型转换为倒三角形442阵型,尤其是在按下高位时,球队年轻的中场组合像红糖一样紧贴着Barcelona 3中场。

This made it difficult for the slower Rakitic and the slower Busquets to get rid of the defensive players and participate in the backcourt advancement, which allowed De Jong to play in the second half because the Dutchman was more able to run. Even so, De Jong still did not completely break the opponent's midfield siege.

这使得较慢的Rakitic和较慢的Busquets难以摆脱防守球员并参加后场晋级,这使得De Jong可以在下半场比赛,因为荷兰人更有能力奔跑。即便如此,德容仍然没有完全打破对手的中场包围。

Real Sociedad’s defensive thinking is very simple. Under the circumstance of ensuring that the formation does not change much, they can press the Barcelona midfielder close to the ball at any time, without letting the opponent turn or leaving room for the ball forward.


However, there is a certain risk in this change, that is, the coverage area of ​​the three midfielders is small, and there will be some gaps in the middle of the team. Barcelona also caught such an opportunity, and it was the team's best chance to score in the second half. .

但是,这种变化存在一定的风险,那就是三名中场球员的覆盖范围很小,并且球队中间存在一些差距。巴萨也抓住了这样的机会,这是球队下半年得分的最佳机会。 。

This through-stop can be completed. It comes from the collective mistakes of the Real Sociedad’s midfielder. First, midfielder Merino and Guevara broke up suddenly in order to make up for their weak sides, causing a gap between the two, and there was no one in the back. Let Rakitic and Messi get space to handle the ball. Langley's through pass put nearly half of Real Sociedad's players in an invalid defensive position, and Barcelona created a threat.


After the attack was completed, the problem of Barcelona's insufficient physical reserves began to be exposed. The exaggeration is that Barcelona will instantly pull the hips, and suddenly their opponents will rise. The second half of the first half was not obvious. After 70 minutes of the second half, the team was in a state of giving up whether it was a one-point kick or two-point kick. The 34-year-old Monreal ran like 24 in front of Barcelona. The same year old.


The problem with this ball is that both Rakitic and Busquets have no energy to run. The Croatian returned to defense and stopped after a few steps. After the Spaniard turned around and saw the opponent enter the ribs, he also let the opponent push forward. Maybe it's because I don't think there is any threat. Rakitic was replaced first, and Vidal's appearance seemed to give Barcelona a signal to strengthen defense.


However, this substitution did not help the team. Real Sociedad began to bet heavily at this time. Barcelona has no numerical advantage in the backcourt. In addition to the decline in physical fitness, even if the goal is scored, the opponent will eventually be competed for two penalty kicks The attack on the ground caused Barcelona to look very embarrassed at the last moment, such as the picture below.


At first glance, Barcelona has a large number of back defenses, but there are two Real Sociedad players between the midfield line and the back line, and Busquets’ back defense did not affect the opponent's lateral transfer at all. It shows that Barcelona is already a bit disjointed in the midfield at this time. Fortunately, the Real Sociedad team has relatively few offensive routines in positional warfare. Barcelona took the initiative to retract at the last moment, making the opponents a little confused, cooperating with the madness of the team's speed players in attack Sprint, this will maintain the victory.


Setien wants to create offensive speed by quickly throwing the ball, but the effect is only present when the players are physically strong. When the team is tired, Barcelona will appear to be suppressed. However, after all, I won the game. At least the league remains competitive. In the Champions League, which step is a miracle.


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